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Financial Articles To Help You Save Money

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Planning For Retirement Activities
 by Henry Clark

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of an active lifestyle. Quite the contrary, it opens up new opportunities for many new activities. Some retirees substitute voluntary community work for their former work. This gives definition or meaning to their roles after retirement.  [more]

Book Review: The Sound Of Paper
 by Catherine Franz

She splits her year between New York City and Arizona. I have been a fan since her first book and especially enjoyed "The Artist Way." I like to believe that I was one of the first to devour it page by page, exercise by exercise. Not just once but six times.  [more]

Energy Conservation - Some Simple Tips For A Comfortable, Affordable Winter
 by Hans Dekker

The cold winter days and ice-storms are just around the corner. And we use about 50% of our energy to either heat or cool ourselves. Here are some simple tips to help you save some energy. Call it easy money or a donation to the environment. Either way, if you apply these tips both your pocket book and the environment will profit.  [more]

Choice Privileges Visa Platinum Card
 by S.E. Kirk

For business owners and family members alike, a credit card offer that includes a way to earn points toward travel is a great deal. A travel reward credit card is one that gives you the ability to earn credit with various aspects of the travel experience simply by using you card when you make your every day purchases.  [more]

Alpha Body Language: What It Is And How To Get It
 by My Relationship Tips

Perhaps you have been wondering why other men get more attracted glances from the opposite sexes than you when you thought that there’s nothing really that much difference between them and you especially if you’d talk about physical appearances.  [more]

Casino Games – Roulette
 by Adel Awwad

What would a casino be without a roulette wheel? These elegant red-and-black spinning games of chance are synonymous with gambling. A huge attraction at casinos across the country, the classic roulette wheel remains one of the most exciting casino games available.  [more]

Call Russia Feeling Like A Royal Romanov
 by Bernard Pragides

Get set to be greeted by the Russians, with a grandiose display of a regal past from the Romanov’s to Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. In the form of tall spires, arched bridges, graceful canals, onion domes, icon paintings and wedding-cake skyscrapers; a fusion of Western and Eastern influences can be found everywhere.  [more]

Mind Mapping Your Journal Entries
 by Catherine Franz

Clustering, also called Mind Mapping, is a great way to savespace and time when you journal. For those of you thataren't familiar with Mind Mapping, you can search in Googleon the words or read one of Tony Buzan's (the creator)books. At the end I've included the ten basic rules of MindMapping.  [more]

Arm – Adjustable Rate Mortgages
 by Dave Lewis

Traditionally, homebuyers could look to two forms of mortgages – fixed rate and adjustable mortgages. While there are now many more options, this article takes a look at the adjustable rate mortgage.

What is an ARM Loan?

An adjustable rate mortgage [“ARM”] is a basic mortgage with one important exception.  [more]

Poor Credit Auto Loans – Why Apply Online?
 by Carrie Reeder

If you are hoping to get approved for a bad credit auto loan, be prepared to pay slightly higher rates. While bad credit will not stop you from getting a home loan, credit card, or automobile loan, you may be penalized for having a low credit score.  [more]

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